Story and storytelling were buzzwords with strategists, advertisers, product designers and creatives alike throughout 2011. In times of the recession, creatives have had to dig deep to seek out authenticity and the origin in each case to allow the consumer to understand, connect and relate to the brand.

STORY is also a new (opened 1/02/2012) retail concept that sounds really quite exciting. Launched by Marketing and retail consultant Rachel Shechtman, this project is an ever-changing space following themes and collaborations, beginning with Love as the debut story. However, it is not just the concept that excites me, but the way that Rachel has approached the project and her thoughts behind it.

"STORY is transactional storytelling for both brands and consumers. For consumers we seek to create an environment that isn’t just about consumption, but presenting dynamic content and creating community. And for brands, we integrate their story in a meaningful and relevant way." via psfk (read the full article here)

I think creating interesting, dynamic, adaptable and meaningful content is absolutely key at the moment when thinking about offline experiences- whether it be retail, advertising campaigns or any other type of event. People are expecting more from brands now. Just as we think our attention is solely online in the digital arena, the real and experiential grabs our attention right back.

“a retail space that has the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery and sells things like a store.”

STORY’S logo has been designed by Stefan Sagmeister and the project has already collaborated with online dating site, TED speaker Chip Conley. Fun interactive elements include the Memory Booth (pictured).

An example of another retail space that I have enjoyed recently is that of Selfridges here in London and their ‘Words Words Words’ initiative. From the window displays to the in-store events, this concept too is based around storytelling. Collaborating with It’s Nice That, Tatty Divine and the Idler Academy, the concept is reaching people from many different creative angles.

I hope to see a lot more creative initiatives such as these in the near future as to me, they do seem authentic and real.

Posted on: Feb 23, 2012 at 12:09 AM


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